3D Dental Lab

3D Dental Lab

How does the 3-step dental laboratory work?

Laboratory intervention is regularly required in the case of:

  • Dental crowns.
  • Scale.
  • Dental veneers.

When a patient with a particular dental need arrives at our clinic, the following process is carried out:

  1. The patient’s need is identified based on a diagnosis by one of our specialists.
  2. In order to digitally obtain a sample of the patient’s tooth or denture, we follow two different methods:
    • A scanning of the specific part is performed using an oral scanner.
    • Silicone models are taken and ran in plaster to later be scanned.
  3. Once the sample is digitally taken, we proceed to make the design of the restoration and milling in one of our laboratory devices. Depending on each case, these pieces will be made either by hand, or most of the time, in a machine known as «Cad Cam».

Some of the differentiators of our 3-step dental laboratory are:

  • In our dental laboratory, we have 3 machines that mill material in zirconia in disc presentations and another one that mills lithium silicate cubes. The application of the material will depend on the decision made by the specialist based on the case of each patient.
  • Depending on the way in which the tooth will be manufactured, it will go through a process of color pigmentation of the tooth to be replaced, or it could also be milled from the beginning with the final color.
  • All the dental pieces we make are metal free.

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